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About Us

Hey there!!

Thank you for Visiting my Website!!

This is Jagmal here. Welcome to my Website! I am glad that you checked out my About page.

I am very much interested to known and write about the marketing. Everyone knows what marketing is but no one knows in depth. People still confuse in sales and marketing.

As a marketing consultant  and a trained professional we assists businesses in reviewing, creating and implementing effective marketing strategies to promote their services and products.

As I am professional in sales and marketing and I have decided that my readers should be benefited and enhance their sales and marketing skill by reading  the articles from my website.

I hope that you guys will learn too much from my website and will always remember me in your prayers. Through this website I hope that that people will learn more and more about sales and marketing.

Helping is in my  nature from very start. When I was a kid I used to help all of my classmates in my school. My friends used to call me Jagmal and from then Jagmal turned into my nickname. My real name is Jitendra Kundaikar.

I will work till everyone who wants to know about marketing is known to marketing. I hope that my website will be the reason for most of people learning Sales and Marketing.

Thank you All !!