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Public Relations (PR) & Its Importance

Let us understand first what Public Relations is? A well said by Bill Gates “If I was down to my last dollar I would spent it on PR” For any successful business the relation of an end customer  is essential. Building this relation and maintaining the standard of relations is referred …

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“Secrets of Advertising”

Read books, blogs, magazines to gain more and more knowledge, make them as your best friend. You will notice the changes in you.  Also read till the end to know my “Advertising Secrets” MY ADVERTISING SECRETS: Guys just imagine television or a newspaper or a radio channel without an advertisement. So why …

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USP- “Unique selling point”

WHAT IS USP? Hey there!! Jagmal here again… I  understand that people read so many things about marketing but it all goes like a bouncer balls. By keeping these facts in my mind, I made it precisely so my readers should get benefits by reading this. Here is my one …

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