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Reasons I Love Sales & Marketing!!

SALES & MARKETING EXPLAINED BY JAGMAL: “Love Your Job, Not The Company.” We have all heard this legendary old saying. Its not just a saying but A Law for successful Careers across the Globe. Well today I shall discuss with you about your approach towards your Work. If you are …

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Power to boost your business- For Business growth

QUOTATION RELATED TO BOOSTING BUSINESS: It is well said by Peter Drucker “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Passion towards learning makes you more knowledgeable and successful. Working towards Business vision will help you in boosting business. As a Businessman keep an eye on what …

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Marketing Consultants – why you need ??

MARKETING CONSULTANT: Hi all, I am glad and delightful to see such a huge response to my blog. Thanks everyone for your love and feedback!! I will make sure my readers can get more and more benefit from my website…….. now let’s learn about Marketing Consultant.   Today its all about the marketing …

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The one who make you successful Entrepreneurs

Customer Focus Is The Most Important Thing For Success Of Your Business.  The real meaning of marketing is not about advertising and selling but choosing the right customers in the first place. We need to put the customer and their needs at the center and build our business around their …

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How B Plan Should Be?


Hello all, let’s talk about B Plan Being on this Holy Day Friday!! I got a small project to design a B plan for ABC company. I am glad to share the snap shot of B Plan which I have designed for my client. Please read it and put your input too. …

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