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10 Quick tips about Marketing

Smiling can get you a long way; you’ll put your nerves to a rest, and you will come across as a warm and delighting person to engage in a conversation with. Just remember to do it as soon as you enter the room and it will really change the atmosphere …

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Reasons for Marketing!!

REASONS FOR MARKETING: TO THE BUSINESS: GROWTH: One of the most important reasons for marketing is that marketing is the backbone of any company; it plays a vital role in the growth of the company. A good marketing strategy and a well-developed marketing plan that focuses on a niche segment …

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Case Study on SWOT!!

Let’s Start Our Case Study On SWOT. Hotel X is a small privately owned hotel in Helsinki, Finland. More precisely it is located in Malmi, close to the Malmi train station and shopping mall Nova. The hotel was established in 1989. In the early 90’s the hotel was rented for …

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Understand your Customers.

The most successful businesses have a customer-first i.e. Understand your Customers  mentality and in their working culture because building the right customer relationships is essential for any organization. It not only increases trust and loyalty, which will result in more repeat business, It will also leads to more referrals. What …

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What is marketing?

What is Marketing? Before you learn more about marketing , you should first understand what marketing is, because marketing topic is so wide. Keeping that in consideration I have tried to explain “What is marketing”? in very simple words. Hopefully you will get your all answers here. Marketing is wide …

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