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Reasons I Love Sales & Marketing!!


Sales & Marketing
                      “Sales & Marketing”

“Love Your Job, Not The Company.” We have all heard this legendary old saying. Its not just a saying but A Law for successful Careers across the Globe. Well today I shall discuss with you about your approach towards your Work. If you are master at your work, No matter where you work, but you will Excel in your field. Likewise for Sales and Marketing professional like me and you We need to Love our Work. We can say that Sales & Marketing is backbone of any company.

Most Of Us have been in this sector (specially Sales), are not really here with our first wish. And to support my above statement, How many of us in our childhood said “I want To Become A Sales Professional or Marketing Professional.” Nobody. Right? I do not mean to say that we have landed here because we could not do anything else. We are here for different respective and respectable reasons. And to excel here we have to ‘Fall In Love’ with ‘What we do’.

And to ‘Fall In Love’ we need to first understand our work. Understanding Sales & Marketing is not a very difficult task until you show your interest in it. Simplifying the concept, You have to develop crush on your work. After developing crush, you need to date with your work. You have to spend quality time with your work. You will really be surprised some day to know that you are in love with your work.

Well that was a sentimental and emotional explanation to it. But as Sales and Marketing professionals we have a realistic and theoretical approach. So I have tried to make some points on “Reasons To Fall In Love With Sales And Marketing.”

Why I Love Sales & Marketing?

Improving people’s lives.

People generally buy for one simple reason and that is, to seek improvement in their Life, Lifestyle and Living in one or the other way. The Reason for purchase really does not matter. may it be for personal use or professional, or may it be a big ticket or an impulse item. Ultimately the Goal is same. A Sales person is the facilitator of that life improvement. Well, As a Sales and marketing Professional “I Feel Satisfied” that “I am making a positive difference to someone’s life.”

Problem Solvers.

Some professionals have a feel that sales is about finding a solution to a problem. But I think more in terms of solving a puzzle. The customer’s life is not typically in total disarray — it is just that one or more pieces are not a good fit. Find the new pieces that fit for your customer and their entire picture (life) looks better! Sales aren’t rocket science. It is more like therapy.

Reward for results.

In most cases, your talent and hard work pay off in tangible rewards. Sales are less about politics and connections and more about what gets done. The potential for growth and advancement in sales is almost second to none. As an entrepreneur, this is all about the growth of your business — I can’t think of anything more rewarding!


When you help someone improve their life, and you do that really, really well, you gain more than a sale. You get free advertising as your enthusiastic customers work as (unpaid) salespeople on your behalf! In time, you acquire a team of mavens who bring you more business, all because you helped them in a way no one else could or would.

I love sales. I love changing someone’s world. And with the right perspective, maybe you will learn to love sales too!

My Love For Sales & Marketing.

Marketing has changed quite a bit over the past several years – and that’s a good thing. We’ve gone from mass messaging to strategically targeted tactics that enable us marketers to connect with the right audience at the right time – making our efforts more effective and quantifiable. But you probably already know that. What you might not know is all the reasons why we love digital marketing, and why you should, too. Let us explain.

Targeting Capabilities.

Digital marketing tactics such as social media advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allow marketers to target individuals based on very specific criteria including geographic location, age, gender, interests and so much more. Granularly outlining your target audience, clearly defining goals and aligning these details with your strategy and ad targeting will help you effectively reach and truly connect with your market.

Budget-Friendly, advertising.

The phrase “you get what you pay for” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to digital marketing. Of course, the more you spend the greater impact you will have. However, with paid advertising you get the same quality impressions regardless of the amount you spend – just a different quantity. This provides companies the flexibility to work within even modest budgets and still obtain meaningful results

Enhanced Engagement.

Marketing is no longer about talking to your audience – it’s about talking with them. Such engagement cultivates stronger relationships between customers and companies, which can be beneficial to brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.Digital marketing in the form of social media enables companies to be in direct contact with their target audience – allowing them to establish, maintain and monitor relationships with both existing and prospective customers.

Better Tracking.

Digital tactics provide very detailed information regarding the performance of a specific marketing effort – from sources and bounce rates to the total number of conversions. Such insight helps marketers better understand their target audience in terms of how they engage with certain marketing tactics – what they connect with and what they don’t – so they can continually alter and improve their strategies to better reach their market.

Mixing Digital with Offline Marketing.

Digital marketing certainly has its advantages. But that’s not to say that traditional forms of marketing don’t have a place in your marketing mix. When used in combination with digital marketing efforts, traditional marketing tactics such as direct mail and print advertising can help to reinforce your marketing message and extend your reach beyond the digital space – supporting the achievement of your overarching marketing goals

Well, To Conclude this article all I have to say is, Fall in love with Your Work. Your Commitment towards your work will make you a successful professional. Let us Keep Loving our work. Lets Sell, Lets Market, Lets Make a Difference to our own world. The basic step to success is to fall in love with Sales & Marketing.

Thank you!!


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