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Reasons for Marketing!!

Reasons for marketing
                             “Reasons for marketing”




One of the most important reasons for marketing is that marketing is the backbone of any company; it plays a vital role in the growth of the company. A good marketing strategy and a well-developed marketing plan that focuses on a niche segment will empower the company to grow.


One of the most important functions of marketing is to making awareness in the market by creating and promoting of brand. A brand is instantly recognizable through a variety of factors, which may include a slogan, name, symbol, tagline etc. Marketing helps the company to create it brand awareness in the market. It includes use of various channels of promotion such as advertising, word of mouth publicity, social media, sponsorships, launching events, etc. The success of the company was due largely to brand recognition.


Marketing play a key role, to increase the sale of the company. Without a marketing customers will not come to know about your product and company will not make sales as expected.


Marketing helps in customer retention. Now a day’s company spent so much of money to retain the customers with the help of different marketing strategy. Advertising is often used to attract customer attention and interest, and then personal selling processes are often added at stores to better persuade customers to buy. Follow-up customer,better service helps you to convert one-time buyers into long-term.


In today’s technologically advanced global market, consumers shop until they find products that are innovative. Marketing provides the advantage of showing customers the latest and greatest a business has to offer. Marketers have to work carefully to offer products that consumers want and then advertise them.



Marketing aids society by informing and educating consumers. Marketing provides a means of learning about new products and what they do, how its products or services meet their needs.


The standard of living of the people in a country is deeply influenced by the level of efficiency of marketing organizations working as the sub-systems of the broad economic system. If at all, today we classify the nations as ‘advanced’ and ‘backward’, it is based on the marketing efficiency.


  • Fulfil different needs.
    • Save time, money and give customers added value for using a product or service.
      • Consistent quality & satisfaction using a particular brand make people happy.


  • Creativity.
    • Customer retention.
      • Marketing helps to select, attract and maintain customers.
        • Sell products or services to generate revenue for the organization.
          • Increase brand awareness.
            • Appeal to different target audiences.
              • Improve reputation in their industry.
                • Increase status as a company.


If you invented the best Android Application, but if no one knows about YOUR APPLICATION, than the company will not grow. The product has to be marketed with good marketing strategy and a plan. Once your product reached in the market with the help of different marketing tools such a print media, social media, sponsorships, organizing events, network marketing etc.

Your product should educate your customers, it should change the way of living of the customer, In short the customer should be benefited from your product.

Once it launch into the market proper feedback should be taken to understand the position of your product. Many times you have been notice people read the reviews first before the application get to installed. If the application gets good review’s that means your product will be going to be Boom in the market. It will be going to get you good sales results.

Do market research, talk to customers, and listen to their feedback, you will get the rough idea how your product is doing in the market and then accordingly do some changes in the application so that it can compete in the market.

Concentrate on providing your services.
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