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Why JagMaL???

JagMaL - Marketing - simplified?
“Why Jagmal?”Marketing – simplified”

Hey there Jagmal here again!!!!

JagMaL Marketing – simplified?

Who is this JagMal, what he want to tell, what he is here for, what is it about, why all marketing? And many more questions will be there in your mind.  its a website which makes marketing concept  easy to understand.  Half knowledge is dangerous to make it full keep reading JagMal.

You must be wondering why I am posting this entire marketing concept which you people already read and known to. People feel marketing is so simple, but as a sales and marketing professional I feel marketing is a magic that people do. As a sales and marketing guy you have to do magic by doing strategic planning and implement it properly so that you can work on your targeted business.

I don’t know if you have notice in my last few post, that  have posted it was with very simple language and examples so that you can grab it fast. I have used simple language so that people can understand it fast rather than explaining all the marketing.

Mostly believe people learn through examples doing same thing in a different way is a skill but doing same thing with a same manner is a copy. Something unique that I tried to do so that you people can get more and more knowledge about the marketing.

Believe me see dream but not like a dreamer……
I hope that soon I will see my followers telling me that they got success in marketing, sales, business, etc. If you guys really follow me, then always remember my advice related to Investments.
“Make Assets, Not Liabilities”
If you want success, then invest in things which pay you back rather than taking more money from your pocket.

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Thank you…. Keep reading


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